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Statsaut. revisor John Asle Johnsen AS is a state authorised public accountant firm situated in Skøyen, Oslo, closed to the business areas and public transportation. We are member of The Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants . Through ownership of Certus Revisjon AS member of MSI Global Alliance.

Our clients are within the following businesses:

  • Construction
  • Property development
  • Retail
  • Marketing and marketing research
  • Wholesale
  • Garages and car rental
  • Restaurant/fast food
  • Professional services
  • Printing

In addition we serve a variety of other types of businesses. We have previous experience from auditing shipping companies, fish farming and larger whole sale companies.

Services provided
External audit work and related work as statutory auditor.
Attestation of financial statements
External audit is to a large extent a legal requirement in Norway, and is a regulated area. The Audit and Auditors Act requires all business enterprises with an annual turnover of at least NOK 5 million to undergo an annual audit. All partnerships with more than 5 partners are required to have a statutory audit, and all limited liability companies are required to have a statutory audit.

Companies that have listed shares or bonds on the stock exchange are required to have a state authorised public accountant as their statutory auditor.

The financial statements are the basis for taxation of the enterprise's income and net worth. This basis is adjusted for different measurement rules in the tax legislation. The enterprise's auditor is required by law to attest the accounts adjusted for taxation purposes, which are supplied with the client's tax return. The auditor must also certify that the system for reporting wages and withholding tax is functioning properly and attest the reported amounts on an annual basis.

It is required that the appointed auditor of the company certifies that the capital has been paid within the time limits before a Private Limited Liability Company or a Public Limited Liability Company is registered.

Certain specific attestations are required in certain industries, e.g. in relation to government grants